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'Lessons from Lockdown' Print

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We've teamed up with the brilliant Tanya Leary to illustrate her BRAND NEW poetic print, the perfect reminder of 2020's many valuable lessons to capture memories of the year we all stayed at home. When the world slowed down, we learnt a lot, let's keep the best bits for years to come!

Wording Reads:

Lessons from Lockdown

When Corona Virus goes away,
There’s loads of things we hope will stay,
Like chatting to neighbours over the fence
Mid week camping, in gardens, in tents.

Like a dewy dawn walk with a dutiful dog
Fresh air and cool quiet lifting brain fog.
The writing of letters and getting nice post.
Stopping for Popmaster, with hot tea and toast.

Dressing for dinner because- Well… why not!
And cooking for pleasure with whatever you’ve got.
Like make do and mend coming back into fashion.
And treating each other with genuine compassion.

More people biking it, more people walking.
More people looking up, actually talking.
Like flexible working becoming the norm.
And living in active wear not being bad form!

Like seeing the good in each situation.
And all the key workers praised for their dedication
Of course, there’s also things we miss,
Like squeezy hugs and grandma’s kiss.

Booking a blow dry or a day at a spa
Going out ANYWHERE- It doesn’t have to be far!
Like nipping the shops and not having to queue
And coming home tipsy ‘cause you stayed out for a few.

Like drinking in memories and planning some more
Heading out with a map to go and explore.
Like seeing the family, Aunties, Uncles and all
Hosting a BBQ and having a ball.

Like motorway service stops on a weekend away.
and trips to the park after a long school day.
Like holding loved ones really close,
Whispering all the things you love most.

So once the virus goes away
Lets make sure the good stuff stays.

© Tanya Leary x Love Your Nation

Packed in a cellophane sleeve and posted in a hard backed envelope

- Heavyweight textured A3 or A4 print
- Fits a standard A3 or A4 Frame

- A3 - 297mm x 420mm

- A4 - 210mm x 297mm

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